Day 3

Today our seminar began with the Irish team (The County Limerick Youth Theatre). They shared with the group their experience from a theatre integretion aspect. The defining things that were discussed today was the importance of adaptability. The irish team brought a booklet of their workshops and modules to show their work and they highlighted the importance of adapting to the group. Additionally, they stressed the importance of a feeling of ownership from the members of their group. They use a code of conduct to initiate this. Their good practice involved the idea that the members create all the projects and ideas and they improve their skills in having initiative by working their way up into a role in the group with more responsibility. To ensure the functionality of this method they also use an evaluation system at the end of their projects. Afterwards, the bulgarian group Focus presented their organisation by starting open discussions about volunteering and societal views of disabilities. Focus also runs a monthly newspaper on what they do and about the process of their projects. Lastly the group from Cyprus, Provasi, presented their organisation through demonstrative activites to show what kind of activities they use for their group. The most discussed of these games was an illogical game about different tribes. It was very interesting, however, for the group to discuss the feelings of frustation they felt , being unable to understand or explain themselves as some people with disabilities have issues with in their lives. We then ended the night with our Intercultural Night, where each country had the oppurtunity to represent what their country is for them through fun activities and short theatre performances.


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