Day 4

Our Culture Visit to Logroño
This morning we got on a bus together to go to the capital of La Rioja and home of the Spanish teams organisations. On arrival, we made our way directly to IRJ to be introduced to the Riojana Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Social Services. After being so warmly welcomed to Logroño, by both the politicians and the weather, we had free time to explore the beautiful city of Logroño. The majority of the participants went to Calle Laurel, which is a famous tapa street for this region. When we returned to IRJ later that day, there was a short presentation of Asprodema, a local spanish organisation that specifically spoke about their integretional literuature group. Afterwards, they allowed us to evaluate/use board games that they use with their disabled groups. After a long day of learning and culture, we then returned back to Alfaro by 10 o clock. 



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