Day 2

We started the day by a presentation from the organisation ARSIDO. During this presentation, we began to share our good practices. Not only that, we started to share our countries personal relationship with disabled people. For example, one topic that was discussed was about the laws surrounding the employment of people with disabilities. We discovered that all the countries involved in this training course all have similar laws including benefits and funding. Additionally, we found differences in the laws surrounding education. In some countries the law is that all children go to the same school, except for in severe cases, meaning that the disabled people are integrated into mainstream schools. However, in other countries, there is both mainstream schools and special schools to cater for the specific needs of disabled people. However we found that in these countries the goal of the organisations here is to further integrate them into the schools but with a support system. Diferenca showed their good practice surrounding performance pieces by using masks,Voarte showed and also demonstrated their very professional and advanced looking dance work and Uniamoci shared with us their work through sports,art and LARP. We then ended todays activities with a workshop from Uniamoci where we put ourselves in the positions of the people with disabilities. It was very interesting to share the creative ideas of the different organisations, as there was a refreshing diversity in activities and goals.


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